Friday, November 16, 2012

the littlest one

Dear Littlest One,
We were so surprised a few weeks ago when the pregnancy test daddy made me take was positive! I didn't think I was pregnant, but daddy was pretty sure I was. Turns out he was right! I was pretty sick for a few weeks afterward, and very very tired, but with lots of help (especially from daddy and Aunt Jen!) I was able to keep my chin up and press on. Emma is very excited to meet you, and she's pretty sure you are a girl. Every time we ask, she says she's going to have a baby sister. Jack doesn't know about you yet, but we know he'll be excited once you get here. He loves baby Owen and gets so excited every time he comes over. I can't wait for him to meet you for the first time! You're 9 weeks new, and growing like crazy. Stay cozy in there, and feel free to take up lots of room. Mommy's ready to look pregnant instead of just lumpy!



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